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martedì 17 aprile 2012

New sketches and Polymanga 2012 relate!

2012. Color lead and graphite on sketch paper. A4.

Done during Polymanga 2012.
No ref used.

So guys...Polymanga ended the last week, but I'm still very excited about it. Polymanga is a Swiss comicon about Japanese culture. The whole organization was amazing, I really enjoyed it.
As you probably already know, I've been invited to join the Arting Spirit contest, in which every artist had to paint a huge canvas, following a theme: this year it was "20 minutes", and I reached the 6th place of 26. Not that bad, isn't it? I hope I can post some pics of the canvas as soon as possible, in the meanwhile please take a look at the painting process (sorry for the quality, I made these photos with my phone camera):

yay, me painting! :3

Anyway, I didn't win the Arting Spirit, but it really doesn't matter at all: people were simply amazing and super kind and this is the MOST important thing to me!
Thanks a lot in particular to Kmye Chan (oh, she won the third price! YAY! Always the best! ♥) and the super talented Zancan! I'm really proud of you and super flattered to have such amazing friends! Thanks a lot to all my fans whom asked for a sketch, or simply passed by to say "hello!". And last but not least, a huge thanks to my sweetheart Carlo, who always support me and help me.
 I LOVE you all so bad! 

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Fauve ha detto...

Ah I your table looks great!
Really beautiful!

Fauve ha detto...

Oh yes indeed, I know the concept of Art painting! I had been to that of Nantes!

Claudio Cerri ha detto...

Bravissima come sempre e anche di piu'!! A presto!

Claudia ScarletGothica ha detto...

Thanks a lot guys! <3