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martedì 2 luglio 2013

The Disappearance Of the Girl - A tribute to Phildel

Hi folks, how have you been?
I came back here to show you a new traditional piece I made during the past days.

The Desappearance Of The Girl

(click to enlarge the picture)

2013. Acrylics + colored pencils on watercolor paper. (305x455 mm)

I finally found a bit of time to do this piece I had in my mind since my ears stumbled upon Phildel music.
Who's Phildel? Phildel is a British singer-songwriter from London. I felt in love with her voice and music thanks to a video on Youtube by the awesome Klaire De Lys.
Phildel's music is so beautiful and relaxing to me, it's perfect for working and getting inspiration; her videos are wonderful too, very symbolic and with a pinch of surrealism, like fairytales.
For this piece I got inspiration from the title track, "The Desappearance Of The Girl" and the very first song I've ever heard from Phildel, "Beside You", and from Phildel herself too (even if it's not exactly a portrait, I tried to catch all her amazing somatic features.) All the rest is my own imagination. :D
I strongly recommend you to listen to her whole album, you can easily find it on her website, and her Youtube channel: Phildel Youtube
and if you like it, take a look on Amazon to buy it. :D
Here you a sample of her videos:

I hope you enjoy it!

3 commenti:

Leon Murray ha detto...

Fantasic this is the best piece of art of Phildel. we are so lucky to have such an artist like Phildel and you

Claudia ScarletGothica ha detto...

aww thank you! ^_^

Stefa ha detto...